Dos rond
Dos rond Par Mohamed Ali Mrabi
Le 27/03/2023

Depuis les premières hausses des prix des produits alimentaires, les intermédiaires sont accusés de tous les maux. Mais, s’ils sont (en partie) responsables de cette... + Lire la suite...

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Football: The multiple repercussions of the Mondialito

Par Mohamed CHAOUI | Edition N°:6441 Le 27/01/2023 | Partager

In just over a week from now, the eyes of world football fans will be on Morocco. The country will host the next edition of the Club World Cup, also called Mondialito, which will take place between February 01 and February 11 in the cities of Rabat and Tangiers. All the TV channels of the world will broadcast the matches, as well as reports during and after this international event, which will be followed on the five continents...

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