«Soft, mad… skills»
«Soft, mad… skills» Par Meriem OUDGHIRI
Le 05/10/2023

Dans tous les secteurs et pans de l’économie vient se glisser un élément fondamental, sans qui les machines ne fonctionnent pas correctement: l’humain... + Lire la suite...

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Dams: A latent crisis on borrowed time!

Par Amin RBOUB | Edition N°:6344 Le 09/09/2022 | Partager

The current situation of the dams hardly lends itself to optimism. The filling rate is at its lowest level. “We are in proportions that are similar to those of the three years of drought from 1980 to 1983 or even of the beginning of the 1990s. But the difference is that current water needs are much greater, particularly in agriculture, industry, tourism, or even taking into account the demographic evolution, the size of the cities, the rural world ...”, insists Fouad Amraoui, professor-researcher in hydrology and expert in water management...

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