ChatGPT Par Ahlam NAZIH
Le 20/03/2023

L’arrivée du ChatGPT, cet assistant virtuel à même d’assurer une multitude de tâches, a eu l’effet d’un électrochoc, au Maroc comme dans le monde. Capable de rédiger des... + Lire la suite...

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Seismic standards: Are our buildings secure?

Par Khadija SKALLI | Edition N°:6466 Le 03/03/2023 | Partager

Do our buildings comply with seismic construction standards? The question is legitimate in view of the tragedy that has occurred in Turkey, where architects, developers, and contractors in the real estate sector are singled out. A hundred of these Turkish operators have even been imprisoned pending the results of the ongoing judicial inquiry. The scale of the disaster is such that the National Board of the Association of Architects in Morocco has sent a letter to the profession in which it asks for “compliance with earthquake-resistant construction requirements for buildings and civil engineering works”.

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