ChatGPT Par Ahlam NAZIH
Le 20/03/2023

L’arrivée du ChatGPT, cet assistant virtuel à même d’assurer une multitude de tâches, a eu l’effet d’un électrochoc, au Maroc comme dans le monde. Capable de rédiger des... + Lire la suite...

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Aeronautical and automotive records

Par Mohamed CHAOUI | Edition N°:6471 Le 10/03/2023 | Partager

“Aeronautics is a source of pride for the national industry. Most aircraft components are manufactured in Morocco by local talented people”, the former Minister of Trade and Industry, Moulay Hafid Elalamy, used to say. His successor Ryad Mezzour repeated the same reply in front of the MPs members of the House of Representatives Productive Sectors Committee, on Friday, March 3rd, 2023. In any case, this sector has achieved a turnover that exceeds 21 billion Dirhams (US $ 2.1 billion) in 2022.

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