Longueur d’avance
Longueur d’avance Par Mohamed Ali Mrabi
Le 26/05/2023

Dans la ruée vers les nouvelles sources d’énergie sobres en carbone, plusieurs Etats jouent des coudes pour se positionner sur l’échiquier mondial de... + Lire la suite...

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Real estate boost?

Par Hassan EL ARIF | Edition N°:6436 Le 20/01/2023 | Partager

In the midst of a flood of tax rate hikes, there are a few hikes that stand out as exceptions. These include the reduction in the scale of taxation of the net capital gain generated or observed by the tax authorities on the occasion of the sale of requalified bare land inside cities. In the case of a sale, the profits that were made were, since January 01, 2013, subject to taxation at a rate of contribution in full discharge of liabilities of 30% in respect of land profits. The same scale also applied to the transfer of real property rights on this same category of land...

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